Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Kitchen Collections

I always have little bits of this and that laying around my kitchen. It drives me only a little crazy. Broken toy parts, spare change, mementos, tiny misplaced objects. I want to just sweep it all into a junk drawer, but I'm not sure it would ever resurface. I think I'll just work on trying to organize it and put it away in a more timely fashion. Instead of just staring at it, and taking pictures of it like the other day.
Corks awaiting a homemade corkboard.

Seeds collected by my son, to plant in our garden. Apple, canteloupe, and avocado.

Produce bands, twist ties, a lone garlic clove and a dirty fishing bobber. (?)

A seashell found at the lake, and a pinecone rubbed into an interesting square shape by my 3 year old.
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