Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We've been hibernating a bit. The weather has been snowy and cold, which we've kind of enjoyed. We've built snowmen, and been to some bonfires in the snow.
We've spent a lot of time playing with our new toys. This is a puppet theater that 'Santa' built. It's beautiful! There are spotlights, a front chalkboard, even a sound effect machine. It's very tall so it even fits the adults that have been playing along. We're working on some of our story lines!
We've gotten to see some really neat ice sculptures at a local Ice Festival, and played indoor hockey. This rink is actually in a children's museum, you simply skate in your socks, no ice here.
Lots of family get togethers which have been nice and relaxed. We are still having some celebrations into January now, but it keeps things from being so hectic in December.
But still, a lot of staying warm by the fire and hibernating a bit.

Next up, I started cleaning a closet and have been inspired to keep going through each room in the house. Really, I can't wait!
I want to simplify this year, and focus more on time with my family and less on time cleaning and maintaining. I hope I can get there. Here is to a fresh, new year!
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  1. Any way to minimize cleaning and maintaining is valuable in my book. Enjoy your hibernating.

  2. Here is very cold too. :) We was sick, all family, less my husband, now we feeling better.

    Regards. Happy weekend

  3. Thank you Denise! We are still!

    Yes Giozi, we are just getting through our second bout of illness, the whole family. Trying to sleep a lot and drinking a lot of tea. It's actually nice. I think I will try to get the kids out to play in the snow tomorrow though, a bit of fresh air can help.
    Thanks for stopping over!

  4. Oh my goodness that puppet theatre! It is so beautiful!

  5. Thanks for the comment. I picked up grapefruits and honey at the farmers market this weekend and I have the sherbet in the ice cream maker now. They are both homemade and if they are a success I will be posting later this week. I will ping you with the link if they are a success. It looks cold in your parts can't imagine you are tempted by ice cream!

  6. Sounds delicious!
    Oh yes, we actually were in a blizzard yesterday! Very cold. I'd save these for springtime. I just love honey and grapefruit.