Friday, August 27, 2010

My Birthday

This year was the first year I had started to feel older, but for my birthday I felt anything but that. It was the kind of weekend where we had some things planned, but mostly it all just fell into place on it's own. Any worries were left behind, and we were simply enjoying the moment.

Visiting old friends' new home, wine and champangne tastings, Counting Crows and Augustana concert in the park, some sausage and jerky from an unusual butcher shop, a delicious picnic.

My new 'vintage' bicycle from my husband. I never said anything to him, and I don't know how he picked something out of my daydreams. (it even has a bell, I love it!)

Al fresco dining with friends at the gazebo, Thai food and ice cream cake and miniature cupcakes from the bakery (the BEST strawberry cream cake I've ever had), flower bouquets from our garden, discovering a crabapple tree with the sweetest little apples, children playing outside and enjoying hay rides. Oh if every weekend were like this!

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  1. Allison I just love your images...and that bike makes me jealous. My boys learned to ride two wheelers this summer and now asking me to get a bike. I think your "new" vintage ride would fit the bill just right. I am so glad you stopped by today and I look forward to adding you to my list of folks to read about.

  2. Your bike is out of my daydreams too. It's such a pretty color, you have your bell, and I love a bike with a basket.