Monday, March 29, 2010

This Week for Dinner

Our menu changed up a bit last week, so we're doing lasagna this week. Also this past Sunday we didn't do our roasted chicken (I've got to remember to defrost!). We did have some delicious roasted brussel sprouts and carrots with a baked meatloaf and buttered kluski noodles. The kind I have are an Amish homestyle dried noodle that I cook in broth. They have a great texture.

We are also hosting dinner this coming Sunday for Easter. I may change something out on the menu, but for now we have:

Monday: Sausage lasagna with romaine salad
Tuesday: Vegetable Frittata and garden salad
Wednesday: Leftover lasagna and steamed broccoli
Thursday: Parmesan crusted chicken breast with baby carrots and crispy potatoes.
Friday: Shrimp scampi with wheat spaghetti , garlic bread, fresh salad
Saturday: Pork Tenderloin, sweet potato fries, strawberry spinach salad
Sunday: Honey-baked ham, fresh and smoked polish sausage, sweet potato casserole, baked beans, cope’s corn, spring peas, rye bread and polish easter bread, flourless chocolate cake and fresh whipped cream
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