Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

This week my family came up to stay with us for a night, and celebrate my mother's birthday. The weather was lovely and we were able to take a nice walk together and let the children play outside, soaking in the warm sunshine. We definitely smelled spring in the air. There was also a bowling excursion and some napping tucked in there.

The planning and preparations are always very exciting, especially for the children. Lots of card-making, cake and cookie baking, rock hunting, then rock painting to make a special paperweight gift for grandma. Balloons hung and flowers set.

Of course, the weekend mainly revolved around the food. Breakfast sausage from the butcher and scrambled eggs with shredded cheese. Fresh guacamole with chips and margaritas. Cedar plank salmon, double-baked potatoes, steamed green beans with lemon, and homemade artichoke and sundried tomato focaccia.

And we can't forget the sweets, gluten-free cake with fresh whipped cream, gluten-free cookies (for my mother and brother), and paczki from the bakery in the most delicious flavors - poppyseed, fudge, strawberry and cream, apricot, and cannoli.

Everyone helped Grandma blow out the candles

(I've had this fabric bunting since my daughter's first birthday, I love that I am able to re-use it for so many occasions.)

Then we gathered to watch the deer that came out to graze.

A lovely weekend had by all.

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