Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our sixth wedding anniversary is coming up this weekend. The last few weeks have been very low-key and relaxed for us, and I think we're going to keep that up. It's been so nice to have nothing to do. No big plans, maybe just a lovely dinner, some wine, and a special dessert. I might make him his favorite, a coconut cream pie.

From the beginning of our marriage, my husband took his cue from the traditional gift guide (I love that he started a tradition for us). Have you seen one? I think part of what I love about it is that it has ties to the past, standing the test of time, as a marriage itself does.

The list gives you a kind of fieldguide, which can make things easier if you are short on ideas. It can be fun to come up with clever ways to express that year's theme, and it also starts a nice tradition for the celebration. This year I think I'm taking the easy route and going with candy instead of my other choice, iron.

Here are some other ideas for traditional anniversary gifts for him (years one through ten):

1st – A morning newspaper with breakfast in bed, a gift subscription to a hobby magazine, tickets to a play or concert, a favorite book (Paper)
2nd – Fresh white t-shirts in lovely wrapping, soft pajamas or comfy boxers (Cotton)
Image found via Wide Open Spaces

3rd - Monogrammed beer glasses with tooled leather drink coasters, a leather wallet (Leather)
4th – Chocolate covered strawberries with champagne, a flowering plant for the garden (Fruit or Flowers)

Hand tooled leather coaster via Snapping Dragon Leather Arts

5th - A beautiful wooden cheese board, cedar grilling planks for the BBQ, firewood for a fire-lit, romantic evening (Wood)
6th – Luxurious chocolates, golf clubs, wrought iron picture frame, individual steak thermometers and thick-cut steaks [which contain a lot of iron!] (Candy or Iron)
via Lauren's Cottage

Smith and Hawken individual steak thermometers

7th – A woolen blanket in a rich plaid accompanied by a picnic basket, a soft handknit scarf, decorative hammered copper bowl, or a copper fire pit for the patio (Wool or Copper)
thrifted Pendleton blanket

8th - Bronze coins from your marriage year laid in a dresser valet, bronze cufflinks or tie tacks, get a sentimental object preserved in bronze through a reputable company (Bronze)

9th – A hand thrown decorative bowl filled with a favorite treat, or a beer, coffee or soup mug with accompaniments (Pottery)

10th- Camping cookware, a gourmet tea/coffee tin, fresh baked cookies in a tin (Tin or aluminum)

via Ralph Nuara, handmade functional pottery
Have a great weekend!

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