Monday, February 15, 2010


No chocolate cake was made this weekend, however much was eaten.

We don't often make a big celebration of Valentine's Day. However this Friday my husband surprised me with a special night out. The restaurant we went to was in this amazing one-hundred year old mansion. At dinner we had champagne and afterwards a chocolate oblivion. Seriously, that is what the dessert was called. It was kind of a cross between flourless chocolate cake, fudge and a brownie, and (wow) couldn't be more decadent.

We also had a surprise 60th birthday party to attend Saturday, which made for a full, fun day. I absolutely love surprises. For all three of my children, I never found out the gender beforehand because I was so looking forward to the moment the surprise was revealed! But actually, giving a surprise is truly the best.

Sunday we spent the morning crafting, making valentine cards for one another with lots of paper cutting and gooey glueing and glitter everywhere. Followed by a day playing in the snow. It was unusually warm so we decided to grill hamburgers for lunch and eat outside, then made a snowman.

Afterwards, naps and lounging on the couch while homemade rolls were baking and chowder was simmering.

We were kind of chocolated out after Friday, so we opted for some old-fashioned sugar cookies to end the evening.

A good weekend.

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  1. It sounds perfectly lovely. And your inspiration board below...? Just as lovely. And your words over there..? You guessed it.

    Thank you. Truly.