Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Vegetable Garden

I'm planning my trip to pick up seeds for my very first vegetable garden. I'm so excited by the possibilities...heirloom tomatoes, sweet beets, spring greens anyone? I'm headed to the nursery or over to Nelson's Herbs located nearby, they have a beautiful lavender garden and large greenhouse with many starter plants and herbs. The shop carries locally made soaps, honey, candles and artwork. They even offer herb classes throughout the wintertime.Nelson's Herbs on a rainy day

To plan I've been reading up a lot and am also utilizing a local college's website. Did you know that you can get specific information for your area conditions, tips, and even services like soil testing through some local county extension offices? Great resource. Better Homes and Gardens has some fantastic planning tools and advice as well.

My husband has built three 4x8 cedar raised beds. Does that sound ambitious to you? It may be so, especially for a beginner. This will definitely be an experiment. In my mind I see rows of ripe, red tomatoes, delicate lettuces, sweet peas and green beans.

Do you remember the tomato blight of last year? Oh blight, please don't return. I really have high hopes to enjoy months of beautiful vegetables and herbs.

Photos from Better Homes & Gardens

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